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NEAMTHM18 (License and Citation)


How to use this tool


1) Pick a point on the map for which you want to obtain the related hazard curves2) The Hazard Curve Tool will automatically find the nearest data point and display the related hazard curve on a popup window3) You can filter hazard curves using the filter menu on the left-hand side of the popup window4) You can read the data values by hovering the cursor on the hazard curves
TSUMAPS-NEAM Interactive Hazard Curve Tool
PoE: Probability of ExceedanceMIH: Maximum Inundation HeightARP: Avarage Return Period
Map produced using the percentile of the Epistemic Uncertainty.
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MIH for given ARPs


0.1 m

1 m

5 m

10 m

20 m

50 m

Hazard Map
Probability Map